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osemdemo has the most awesome program ever! See rock-star speakers cover the topics of

Jewelery & Shoes

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Garden & Grocery

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Don't miss out!

Call for Papers

We are ready to accept your proposals for sessions!

You can submit proposals for Talks and Workshops. Proposals should fit in one of the 2 tracks: Jewelery & Shoes and Garden & Grocery. The submission period has begun Monday, September 25. 2017 and closes Thursday, September 28. 2017. That means you have only 2 days left! Remember osemdemo will only be as good as the sessions you present. Submit early, submit often!

Emard, White and Cartwright Office

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Hyattmouth / Austria

954 Noble Cape
49020-3412, Hyattmouth

Where to stay in Hyattmouth

We recommend these affordable lodging accommodations for your visit.

Tin Hotel

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Tres-Zap Hotel

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Fix San Hotel

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Viva Hotel

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